Equipped with two sensors, precisely detect the movement of people.【NATRUS+e W】


The combined use of infrared and image sensors, the sensor detection area has expanded 4 times. This new sensor precisely detects the movement of people and open only for people wanting to pass through.


1) Anti-Snow/Rain/Fog function: Reduce the false detections due to snow, rain and fog.
2) Environment learning function: Suppresses the door from remaining open due to the floor’s condition changes such as footprints in snow, heavy rain or reflections in puddles.
3) Safety test function: The door device tests the safety function of the sensor after each door operation, allowing for safe passage at all times.
4) Self-diagnosis function: In the event of a problem with the network equipment, it automatically operates safely and notifies with LED flashing of the sensor.
5) Doorway monitoring function: Ensure the safety of people who stop near the door.
6) Full-color LED: You can check the detection status with the lit color and the replacement timing with the flashing pattern.
7) Cover colors: Silver/Bronze/White/Black/Mirror/Stainless steel.


Product Name
Detection Method
Motion & presence detection (Image Sensing W)
・Pedestrian flow detection using both infrared and image sensors
・Adoption of near infrared reflectance method in the protection area near the door
Mounting Height (MAX)
Detection Area (MAX)
5m in width x 4m in depth (fixed regardless of the mount height)
Output Ratings
NET dedicated output
Power Voltage / Power Consumption
DC12v 200mA and below
1 Images captured by the product are used only for the purpose of predicting movement, speed and direction based on the size of the target object. Data derived from the images does not contain any information pertaining to personal characteristics or that could be used to identify individuals. Captured images are deleted immediately.
2 The movement detection timing may vary depending on the brightness of the surrounding area.
3 The mount height may be limited depending on the installation environment.
4 For the detection area for which the near infrared reflectance method is adopted, specifications set for the N Search sensor will be applied.

Transom mount

Product Name Notes
NSW-A01 N Search W Equipped with two sensors, precisely detect the movement of people.【NATRUS+e W】
NS-A01  N Search Greater certainty of detection by self-test feature for sensors and higher density of sensor area
MS-01 M Search Advanced automatic door sensor to enhance safety and comfort(Transom-mount type)
OA-220CN T Active infrared activation and safety with test input
*For DS-S-EN(HM) series only

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