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For Safety Use

When passing through an automatic door

Read the following instructions to avoid accidents.

Do not stop on the track of the door.

Do not rush through the door. Do not walk diagonally towards the door.

Do not stand talking or let children play around the door.

Do not lean against, touch (push or pull), or place a foot against doors, FIXs, or walls.

Be sure to confirm the door is open before passing through the door.
Accompany children by holding their hands while passing through the door.
Pay special attention when a physically disabled or a visually impaired person passing through the door.

Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the door end or tail when the door is opening or closing.

Daily maintenance

Apart from our maintenance service that keeps the door system operates safely, the following daily maintenance by the owner is also essential.

Cleaning around the door area

Keep the door to operate smoothly by removing any debris on the door track, especially during the fall and rainy reason.
Check the door area for tripping or slipping hazards.

Cleaning of the profiles

  • - Normal dirt such as finger marks:
    Remove the dirt with a soft cloth soaked in neutral detergent and then wipe off any water and detergent with a dry cloth.
  • - Tough dirt such as grease:
    Remove the dirt with alcohol or benzene and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Caution: Alcohol or benzene may affect the surface of the profile depending on its material.

Cleaning of sensors

Dirt on the detection window of sensors will lower the sensitivity and may cause malfunction. Wipe off the dirt with a dry cloth immediately if the sensor becomes dirty.

Caution: Do not move the sensor while cleaning. The detection area would be displaced when the mounting angle was shifted.

Cleaning of the floor around doors

Be sure not to spill cleaning liquids containing chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, on the profile.

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