MS-(N)01 M Search

Advanced automatic door sensor to enhance safety and comfort (Transom-mount type)


Advanced detecting function assures the safe passage, and the integrated approach for the various entrances is available. It also has eco functions to contribute to energy efficiency.


Advanced detecting function assures the safe passage:
- Hgh-density detection area with independent 72 spots
- Presence detection & Doorway area monitoring
- Reduced malfunction caused by snow, rain and / or bugs

The integrated approach for the various entrances is available:
- 3 types of installation to be chosen according to the entrance design
- Mounting height of up to 4.0 m
- Applicable to unique door design

Eco functions contribute to energy efficiency:
- ECO Mode
- Contact-free touch sensor function

Covor color: Silver, Bronze, White, Black, Mirror, Stainless Steel


Product Name
MS-N01 M SearchMS-01 M Search
Network Support
Detection Method
Motion/Presence Detection( Near Infrared reflection method)
Mounting Height (MAX)
Detection Area (MAX)
W 2.9m×D 1.8m( Mounting height 2.2m)
Output Ratings
NET-DS connectorNo-voltage relay contact/Semiconductor relay output
Power Voltage
12VDC24VAC to 100VAC(50 / 60Hz)/12VDC to 100VDC
Power Consumption
120mA or less5VA or less(at 100VAC)/150mA or less(at 12VDC)
[Main features]
Full color LED display / Replacement time display / Self-diagnosis function / Eco mode / Anti-snow/insects mode / Anti-vibration mode
Remarks 2
[Features only fo MS-N01]
Independent 72 spots / Doorway area monitoring for unique door design / Contact-free touch sensor function / Measure against insertion mode

Automatic door units with this logotype support the network system using CAN communication.
NABCO is the first door brand that adopted the internationally standardized network technology using CAN communication into automatic door systems.
Information networking among not only automatic door units but also optional devices, such as sensors and electric locks, has improved security and reliability, and we propose the best maintenance plan using the maintenance data that we have accumulated and managed.

Transom mount

Product Name Notes
NS-A01 Greater certainty of detection by self-test feature for sensors and higher density of sensor area
MS-(N)01 M Search Advanced automatic door sensor to enhance safety and comfort(Transom-mount type)
OA-220CN T Active infrared activation and safety with test input
*For DS-S-EN(HM) series only

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