NABCO's Advanced Technology: NET-DS System

The NET-DS automatic door system is the first in the industry to use CAN technology to ensure each automatic door is installed
in an optimal manner for its location, thereby making the door safe for everyone, including the elderly and those with children.
We will introduce why the NET-DS door system is mounted on almost all NABCO’s products and higly evaluated by our customers.

Smart detectability of human movement

Conventional automatic
doors take a time to close normally.

Eco mode

The door closes earlier in response to pedestrians moving away, thereby contributing to energy efficiency of cooling and heating.

Independent detection spots

Detection spots that are located outside the traffic area can be invalidated to reduce unnecessary opening/closing.

Safe and intelligent automatic doors by
the advanced NET-DS system


The wide detection area with 72 densely detection spots ensures the door opens fast and without fail.

The doorway area monitoring function ensures the safety of pedestrians who stop on the doorway.

Can be used also for several types of door such as circular doors and folding doors

Conventional detection area

The detection area used to be set to avoid the doorway area.

NET-DS sensor detection area

By memorizing door's movements,
detection area covers doorway,
which helps enhance safety.


Eco mode function

Door opens normally for approaching pedestrians and closes earlier in response to pedestrians moving away. Due to shorter opening time of the door that pedestrians pass through, this function reduces the influx of wind and dust and enhances air conditioning efficiency.

Contact-free touch sensor function

If the door frequently opens and closes in response to people passing by, it can easily be switched over to operate like a touch-type door to reduce unnecessary opening and closing.

When door is closed, the detection area is limited.

When a passenger places his/her hand near the touch-area, the door starts to open.

Other functions

Higher resistance to environmental conditions

Malfunctions caused by snow, rain, bugs and
other factors are reduced to ensure
the stable operation of the door.

Measure against insertion mode

The system contributes to higher security at the entrances of apartment buildings

NABCO Automatic doors with NET-DS

Latest advanced sensor "M-Search"

NET-DS operators

Ensuring safety with devices monitoring
each other

The devices monitor each
other to promptly detect any problems
and prevent accidents. NABCO's unique system for automatic doors

If a problem is found in a device

Accidents will be prevented by safety operation (opening/stopping the door).

The system identifies a broken device
and optimizes the door operation.

For example

  • The door opens if a sensor error is detected.
  • The door stops if a motor error is detected.
  • The door stops if a communication error is detected.

With conventional systems, it could happen that:

Kind automatic doors assisting users with light.

Multipurpose toilet automatic doors guide users with light.

HDS-4P Push Button Switch Option

Highly durable, low-noise and
energy-saving automatic doors

The door operators, aluminum rail bases with stainless steel track and urethane rubber
coated rollers are optimally designed for high durability and noise reduction.

Geared motor

Brushless DC (direct-current) motor with high durability enables smooth movements.


The adoption of the robust aluminum rail base with stainless
steel track and the resin-coated roller helps minimize friction,
leading to noise reduction.

The automatic door consumes only a small amount of electricity.

The power consumption has been reduced by 33% relative to conventional models.
If you use an automatic door for eight hours a day with the door being opened and closed 1,000 times,
the door consumes only 0.14 kWh.

Tips to conserve energy

If you switch off an automatic door for energy conservation and leave it open, it will reduce the efficiency of cooling/heating, resulting in more energy consumption. Automatic doors automatically close, which reduces cooling/heating waste and helps make the building more comfortable.


The NET-DS is mounted on a range of NABCO products.

Installation and maintenance are provided through our subsidiaries or local distributors.
For details, please contact our subsidiaries or distributors in your country.

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