Reducing unnecessary openings
Providing smooth accessibility & barrier free

Equipped with two sensors, NATRUS+e W doors precisely detect the movement of people in the Wide detection area.
Through the reduction of unnecessary door opening and provision of excellent accessibility, the automatic doors will contribute to improving the indoor environment and Well-being of people.

Kind to people, and kind to the earth,
Your best choice for
automatic doors

Unnecessary opening of automatic doors —
It’s annoying, isn’t it?

The air conditioning does not work because the entrance opens frequently.
The automatic door opens just by passing by.

NATRUS+e W, equipped with the Image
Sensing W technology,
reduces unnecessary openings.

Equipped with the Image
Sensing W technology, the sensor detection area has expanded 4 times

The combined use of infrared and image sensors, the sensor detection area has expanded 4 times. NATRUS+e W doors precisely detect the movement of people and open only for people wanting to pass through.

※ Images captured by the product are used only for the purpose of predicting movement, speed and direction based on the size of the target object. Data derived from the images does not contain any information pertaining to personal characteristics or that could be used to identify individuals. Captured images are deleted immediately.

Kind to the Earth

Reducing Unnecessary Openings
to Provide a Comfortable Space

NATRUS+e W helps to reduce energy loss, and improve the indoor environment of buildings where it is used.

Energy conservation

Unnecessary opening time will be reduced by pedestrian flow detection. That reduces power consumption of air conditioning and energy loss.

NATRUS+e W prevents inflow of outside air due to unnecessary openings.

Improvement of the indoor environment

Reducing unnecessary openings contributes to reduce the cold or heat coming from outside, that provides comfortable indoor environment.

※ Unnecessary opening time: Time in which the doors are kept open even though nobody is passing through them.

Kind to People

Providing Accessibility According
to the Movement of People

The doors will predict
the pedestrian’s flow for smooth opening.

Better accessibility

The Image Sensing W system appropriately estimates walking speed. By predicting the time required for the person to reach the doors, the doors will open in a timely fashion both for people walking at a normal pace and those approaching more slowly. Even for a person using a wheelchair or a cart, the doors will open at the right time to allow the person to pass through without any fuss.

NATRUS+e W achieves barrier-free operation without the need to press buttons.


The visually impaired and wheelchair users can use the doors more safely.

Optimal choice for
the following facilities

NATRUS+e W performs its functions in the facility such as airports and stations where large numbers of people come and go, hospitals whose entrances often face waiting rooms, commercial facilities where customers stand and talk near automatic doors, and streetside stores facing busy streets.

Commercial facilities
Streetside stores

NATRUS+e W introduction movie

Excellent Workability

Easily expand functionality
by just replacing the sensors

NATRUS+e W sensor is the same size as that of the conventional NATRUS sensor, so you can easily replace the conventional sensor with the new one.

For details,
please contact our subsidiaries or distributors in your country.



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