Automatic sensor (ceiling mount type) for NATRUS, Future-standard automatic door with a priority on safety


As the next generation from M Search, N Search offers higher safety with greater certainty of detection by self-test feature for sensors and higher density of sensor area.


1)Self-test feature for sensors
 ・The door system conducts a self-test in every operation to check whether sensors are working to detect the protection area correctly.
2)Trouble indication on sensor
 ・If there is any trouble with the components including the sensors, the fail-safe mechanism works and the LED starts blinking to show “network component error” so that building owners can easily comprehend the current situation. In the case the sensor shows the LED blinking, please contact your local distributor of NABCO.
3)Higher density of sensor area
 ・Densifying the sensor area results in greater certainty of detection and better reaction to potential risks near the door, in order to prevent collisions between the door and pedestrians.
4)With "ECO mode" setting, the door system judges pedestrian's movement and, after the pedestrian passes through the door, starts the closing action earlier, contributing to energy saving.
5)With Anti-snow/Anti-insects mode setting, the sensor offers stable operation by lowering unnecessary activation of flying insects and snows.
6)Full color LED displays operating status of the door in detail. Recommended replacement time is also notified.
7)Applicable to special designed doors such as Circular doors, and Folding doors.


Product Name
Detection Method
Motion & Presence Detection(Near Infrared reflection method)
Mounting Height (MAX)
4.0m as activation sensor / 4.0m as protective sensor
Detection Area (MAX)
W 3.04m x D 2.37m (Mounting height 3.0m)
Output Ratings
NET-DS connector
Power Voltage / Power Consumption
12VDC / 120mA or less

Ceiling mount

Product Name Notes
NS-A04 N Search Greater certainty of detection by self-test feature for sensors and higher density of sensor area

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