Operating unit that can smoothly open/close large and heavy doors at plants


The operating unit can open/close large and heavy doors at plants at high speed. It is suitable for bi-parting doors of up to 500 kg per door and single sliding doors of up to 1000 kg.


1) The main controller incorporates a microcomputer with sophisticated control software.
2) Its high-speed operation and quick reversals enable smooth passage.
3) Auxiliary reduction gears enable the operation of doors up to 2000 kg (single sliding).


Product Name
Door Operator Type
Door Type
Applicable Door Mass (kg) x Door Quantity *1
Applicable Door Area : DW x DH (m):DW×DH(㎡)
Applicable Door Width : DW (mm)
Ratio of Door Height / Width : DH / DW *2
Door Operation Speed (m/sec)
0.1-0.5 *3
Power Supply
200V AC・10A
Wind Load (m/sec)
15m/s or less
*1 The door should be used under conditions where the door unit weight will not exceed the value defined in the specification. If the weight exceeds the specification, malfunction or accident will occur.
*2 The unit door aspect ratio should not exceed the value defined in the specification. If the aspect ratio exceeds the specification, the specified performance will be impaired.
*3 The speed varies according to the door weight or site environment.

Automatic door units with this logotype support the network system using CAN communication.
NABCO is the first door brand that adopted the internationally standardized network technology using CAN communication into automatic door systems.
Information networking among not only automatic door units but also optional devices, such as sensors and electric locks, has improved security and reliability, and we propose the best maintenance plan using the maintenance data that we have accumulated and managed.

Heavy Sliding Door

Product Name Operating
V-250SL Bi-parting
For heavy doors (suitable for factory doors)
DSN-500 Bi-parting
For heavier doors (factory doors, etc.)

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